15 Reasons To Love Yourself: Making Self-Love Cool Again

The most important commitment you can make to yourself, one that will help you grow personally and professionally, is the commitment to love and accept yourself.

I know so many people talk about self-love and i’m sure you’ve read “self-help” blogs and books on the topic but i’ve recently come to realize that self-love is more important than just being confident. Self-love is caring for your body and your soul.

Yesterday I went to a support group for my auto-immune disease and we were discussing the importance of self-love. (We even took some time to give ourselves big hugs and say, “I love myself. I love myself. I love myself!”)

You may question, how can this help an incurable illness? Well, when your body is in dis-ease it’s out of balance and it’s working very hard to get healthy again. When this happens our minds are quick to jump into a self-loathing mindset. We blame our bodies for being sick and causing us heartache and pain.

Blame though is an open door for more disease to creep in. Just as negative thinking is. Hating your body won’t help your body get better. I’m not saying self-love will cure anything, what i’m saying is self-love will create a more peaceful environment for your soul to abide in. And peace over stress is a cure in itself.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I want you to change your perspective about self-love. Stop thinking self-love is the same as being egotistical or full of oneself. Stop thinking that it’s cool to put yourself down in front of others instead of flourishing yourself with compliments.

Self-love is medicine. Pure medicine.

It is the secret ingredient to blossoming into the beautiful unique flower that you are. You need to understand that you are your biggest advocate. If you don’t love and believe in yourself, why should others?

I say it is time to take a stand and move past the pressures of society and instead say to the world,


You don’t need a reason to love yourself. You deserve your love and affection, but if you are having trouble with self-love, here are 15 reasons to help change your thoughts from self-loathing to self-loving.

  1. You will accomplish great things in your lifetime.
  2. You have already made a difference in at least one persons life. (How cool is that?!)
  3. Your existence has changed the world.
  4. You have a purpose.
  5. Your laughter is contagious.
  6. You are the leader of your own journey.
  7. You are unique.
  8. Every choice belongs to you.
  9. No one has your smile… and boy is it beautiful!
  10. Someone out there needs you.
  11. People will come in and out of your life, but you will always remain.
  12. Confidence looks amazing on you.
  13. Your mind is extremely powerful.
  14. You see things differently than anyone else.
  15. You are amazing.


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