If You’re A Woman, You’ll Only Be Able To Read 80% Of This Blog Post

I’ve doubted myself many times throughout my career. I’ve doubted my knowledge, my ability to achieve my dreams, and my talent. I’ve looked at others and always thought I wasn’t good enough or capable enough.

This was especially relevant when I was in college researching everything about the startup world and dreaming to be an entrepreneur in it. I would read all these articles about men starting businesses and getting millions of dollars in seed money from investors (who also happened to be male) and the stories about women were far and few between. When women did pop up in startup news, the amount of investment dollars behind them was significantly less.

This always caused me to doubt my ability as a woman to start my own business. Through this journey though, I’ve gained the one state of mind that has changed everything:


It is with confidence that I have been able to stand up for myself and understand my worth. It’s with confidence that I can say “no” to certain opportunities knowing better ones are on the horizon. It’s with confidence that I have been able to negotiate for a better salary, believe in the work I’m doing, and say loud and proud that I deserve this.

I think that’s what is most important for us as women. I believe we each need to find the courage to have the confidence to stand up for ourselves in order to close the prevalent gender wage gap, even when faced with resistance (which will happen).

When an opportunity comes my way that may seem too good to be true and fear creeps, I say to myself:

“I work hard, I’m a good person, and I deserve this.” 

It works every time, because it’s true- and it’s true for you too.

You deserve the great things coming your way so believe in yourself!

April 4th marked Equal Pay Day, a symbolic day dedicated to raising awareness of the gender pay gap. It’s 2017 and women are paid 20% less than men on average for the same work!

Think about that for a minute. What if I handed you a LUNA bar and just because you were a woman, 20% of it was missing.

equal pay day

Unfortunately, as women, we still don’t get what we “deserve”. Equal work for equal pay still doesn’t exist everywhere so that’s why we need to ASK for what we KNOW we deserve.

To continue to drive awareness for the gender pay gap I’ve partnered with LUNA who is collaborating with Lean In on this initiative. Through April 11th LUNA Bars sold on LUNAbar.com will be discounted 20% with a matched donation of the discounted amount to fund AAUW salary negotiation workshops.

With your purchasing power you can make a difference.

So this is my challenge to you:

  • Speak up for yourself.
  • Know your worth (because you are so worthy).
  • If you’re putting in the work, negotiate for a higher salary.
  • Visit LUNAbar.com and make a donation with your purchase of a LUNA bar.
  • Empower other women to do the same by sharing this message with them.


It takes a tribe of empowered women (and men) to make a difference. We are louder, together. 

This post was sponsored by LUNA.

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