Alexa’s Favorite Things: Healthy Candy, Music Videos, & Fashion That Gives Back

Here’s my weekly blog of my favorite things in spirituality, inspiration, entrepreneurship, health and wellness—and anything else that has enhanced my life and may enhance yours.

healthy licorice

Panda All Natural Soft Licorice

A friend of mine told me about this brand of black licorice and I immediately fell in love! I’m a huge candy fan but had to give up all my old-time favorites due to my health issues. Panda Licorice only contains four ingredients in it, FOUR, and they are all-natural ingredients without preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, or white sugar. It’s also kosher, vegan, and cholesterol free. Do I need to say more?


herschel backpack

Herschel Supply Co. Backpack

The Herschel Supply Co. is known for their timeless products that are perfect for travel and everyday use. I recently got a Herschel backpack and I bring it with me everywhere I go. It’s a necessity and a luxury. Their products are inspired by the world around us and it definitely shows! Each bag also has a separate padded area for your laptop. Perfect for the entrepreneur on the go!


This isn’t a new app but I just discovered it this week and have already put it on my home screen next to Instagram, Periscope, and Twitter! helps you create an instant music video and let me tell you, it is so fun! You don’t need to know how to sing or even edit videos. Just pick a song, lipsync or record whatever inspires you and boom! You have an awesome music video. Also, you can do duets with people and the app automatically edits two videos together! Here’s one I created with Jason Derulo.


delfonics pen


Delfonics BallPoint Pen

I’m a sucker when it comes to office supplies. I LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES. Ever since i’m little I always looked forward to going back to school just to get all the new supplies listed on the school supply list for that year. As most of you know, I journal the old school way, with a paper and a pen so the flow of the pen is super important to me. I recently found this lightweight Delfonics pen and LOVE IT! It writes smoothly, doesn’t bleed or smudge, and weighs nothing.



trucker hatProvider Lifestyle Hat

I discovered this brand at a local wellness festival. Provider is a grassroots company with a ‘pay it forward’ concept. The idea was conceptualized when the Founder, Joaquin Ortiz, was laying in the hospital after being told he may never walk again due to an accident where he was crushed between an SUV and a boat. He believed that he had survived for a reason and started Provider as a lifestyle brand with the mission to inspire and empower individuals to lead with their heart leaving every situation better than they found it. A percentage of their proceeds gets donated to the non-profit, Conscious Acts Of Kindness.


Missed it live on Periscope? Watch the replay below!

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