How I Made My Experience at Art Basel a Memorable One

Last weekend I attended Art Basel in Miami. I spent some time at the Vanity Fair Social Club and then explored the Wynwood art district. Despite all the rain I was able to get a few hours of some dry weather. Throughout the day I witnessed incredible artists creating unbelievable works or art. I also got to experience the Lincoln Motor Co. and Revel multi-sensory presentation with amazing visuals and an art gallery that was totally up my ally displaying inspirational words on every piece.

While I ended the day completely inspired by all the creativity, my day didn’t exactly start off that way. I was super excited to finally be able to attend Art Basel this year but between the horrible weather and the excruciating headache I woke up with, it seemed the day wasn’t going to go as planned.

wynwood art

I motivated myself to stick to the plan though and try to enjoy a few hours hanging out down in Miami. When I got to the first event, the Vanity Fair Social Club, I was still not in the “best” state of mind but being around all of the creative people really put a positive energy into the air and I definitely felt it.

Now, I could have easily stuck to the negative mindset I woke up with, as we all know it’s much harder to switch from a bad day to a good one versus a good one to a bad one. Instead though, I decided to work hard to focus on the good around me. We may not be able to enjoy each moment of every single day but what we can do is not let one moment ruin an entire day.

I live by that statement now. (Don’t let one moment of the day ruin your entire day.)

With this constant reminder in my head I turned my negative mindset into a positive one by being fully in the present and appreciating everything around me. I stopped thinking about how my day started and instead decided to make the rest of my day a great one.

You deserve to have the best day every day but that won’t happen if you just rely on outside forces to do that for you because let’s face it, most of our days are not perfect. BUT, you can have the best day ever every single day if you work hard to make it so. You are in control of your own life. How you want to live it is up to you. You can’t control the weather, what people say, or even sometimes how you physically feel but what you can control is your mindset.

the time is now

Focus on the good, be inspired by what’s around you, and always work to live in the NOW.

Love & Light,






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