3 Simple Steps To Change Your Environment So You Can Blossom

What type of environment are you living in? Is it one that is expansive, allowing you to grow and spread your wings? Or is your environment prohibiting you from accomplishing your dreams?


I ask this question because the environment we choose to live in determines our rate of success. Now I’m not just talking about our external environment, I’m talking about the environment we perceive ourselves to be in.


Many times, when I’m struggling with my illness, I perceive my environment to be negative. I feel like i’m stuck in one spot, that there is no room for growth and negativity is constantly surrounding me… even though all of this is not really true.


When I choose this environment for myself, I inhibit my growth, professionally and personally.


Did you know that a Koi fish’s growth is determined by their environment?


If you put a Koi fish in a small fish bowl, they will only grow two to three inches in length. When put into a larger tank, it will grow to one and one half feet. Finally, if the Koi fish is put into a large pond it will grow to three feet! The size of the fish is proportional to the size of its environment.


You, as a spiritual being, grow in direct proportion to the size of the environment you choose to live in. Therefore, if you want to grow personally and professionally you must change the way you perceive the size of your environment to be.


Here are three things you can do today to change your environment! (No worries… you don’t have to move!)


1. Surround your environment with uplifting inspirational reminders. 

Everywhere I look, in my bathroom, my office, my car, my closet, etc. there are inspirational reminders for me to get into a positive mindset. Some examples of what I have around my environment:

  • Dreamcatchers: They remind me to continue chasing after my dream.
  • Vision Board: My vision board is filled with inspirational quotes and images that motivate me to keep going.
  • Picture Collage: On my wall next to my desk I have framed pictures from my travels. Anytime I feel down or sad, I look at the pictures and they bring me back to that memory from when I took that picture. All the memories are of times that I felt completely blissful.
  • Crystals: I have crystals EVERYWHERE! Each crystal gives out a different energy but anytime I need that extra boost, I look to one of my crystals and it helps.

Of course these are things that help me but my point is that you can change the feeling of your environment by surrounding yourself with things that make you feel happy and positive.


change your environment


2. Change your habits. 

Your habits have a huge effect on how you perceive your environment. If you are living in a place filled with bad memories from the past, most likely you can’t break those negative feelings because you still have the same habits as you did when they happened. One way to change your environment, even when it’s filled with memories from the past, is to change your habits.

Start meditating, eat dinner in a new seat at the table, read instead of watch tv at night, workout in the morning instead of night. By changing the way you do things every day, your environment will begin to shift. New opportunities will present themselves because you are doing things differently and therefore, growth can take place!


3. Change your mindset. 

All the changes in my life have begin with simple mindset changes. This can be done with adopting some simple spiritual practices. A few that have dramatically changed my life are the practice of gratitude, meditation, and positive thinking.

A shift in your mindset will allow growth to begin.


Take action now!


Think about where you are feeling negative energy in your life, it could be at work, home, or in a relationship. I want you to take immediate action to change your environment where negativity is presenting itself. Remember, your growth is proportionate to the environment you choose to live in. Key words: CHOOSE TO LIVE IN.


You have every opportunity to change your life today. Be audacious. Be strong. Be the change.

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