Dear 2016, Thank you.

Dear 2016, Thank you.

Thank you for the pain,

thank you for the floods of tears,

thank you for the months of isolation.


Dear 2016, Thank you.

Thank you for my health,

thank you for the tears of laughter,

thank you for the new friendships I’ve gained.


Dear 2016, quite a year you’ve been.

A lotus year I’d say, filled with some of the darkest of days.

But through the mud and through the pain, I blossomed and finally felt the rain.


Dear 2016, Thank you.

Thank you for my family,

thank you for my dog Nala,

thank you for medical innovation.


Dear 2016, quite a year you’ve been.

Another year marking history,

from breaking glass ceilings to an election outcome that’s still a mystery.

From our brothers and sisters protecting our water at Standing Rock,

to the countless souls who work to protect our country around the clock.


Dear 2016, thank you.

Thank you for showing me that no matter how dark the days are the sun will always rise.

Thank you for teaching me to be humble through failure so I can truly appreciate success.

Thank you for letting me go through months of illness so I never take a healthy day for granted.

Thank you for putting me in isolation so I could find my true self.


Dear 2016, what a year you’ve been.

You’ve been a great teacher and I think i’ve been a pretty great student.

I’ll take the lessons learned and ride into the future slightly prudent.

But I won’t be still, nor will I be afraid,

because one thing’s for sure, the future is unmade.

I’ll begin 2017 with a soul so free

and live my life as it’s supposed to be.


So thank you 2016 for your lessons and the time

this is just the beginning, of a beautiful storyline.


Now… it’s time for some wine!


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One thought on “Dear 2016, Thank you.

  1. I love this Alexa! Thank you for sharing. 2016 was a very dark year for me as well but I am focusing on the light that shone through the cracks. You are awesome, and I love that you always keep on keeping on. xxJ

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