Freedom, What Is It? (poem)

Thoughts race through my mind day in and day out.

Wondering what this life is really about.

I see hate, blame and war too many places.

I see fear, regret and shame on too many faces.

Is this what freedom is?

It seems like a pretty messed up biz.

We may be free to speak our voice out loud,

and connect with whom we choose in a crowd.

But freedom is far more than what we see.

It is about who we truly want to be.

Can I ask you, do you think you are free?

Free to be, who you truly want to be?

Free from the past, free from the pain

that’s hiding alone in everyone’s brain.

We walk this earth in society’s motion

when we really just need to stop, breath and admire nature’s ocean.

Freedom is not given to use, it’s always been within.

Letting go of past demons and all your supposed sins.

So I don’t believe fighting for freedom or peace is just it,

because if we live in a lifelong fight we will slowly be breaking bit by bit.

No, see the answer is not in a fight

it’s about gathering together with all of our might!

We need to take a stand

and march to our tune in a brand new band.

Life is amazing if you can just see,

grab my hand and come with me.

We are one and one in the same,

fighting against one another is just lame.

The power of love needs to overcome the love of power

and our ideas need to be heart- even the one’s we have in the shower.

Why? Because that is how we create change that is real.

And we can teach our kids how to share a meal.

In order to obtain true freedom in our lives,

we need to celebrate each other and hand out free high fives!

You see life isn’t bad, it’s not bad at all

we just mustn’t be afraid to sometimes fall.

We have to stand for what is right

and not hide away from the pure beautiful light.

So let’s not fight anymore

and make freedom this never-ending chore.

Instead start with you,

and allow yourself to feel free too.

I know it can be hard- believe me.

I’m trying to be free from my past and just be.

So i’m not saying it’s an overnight thing,

but if we start with ourselves together we’ll make freedom ring.





I read this poem on Periscope for the Rebel Creative movement. View the replay video below.

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