How Periscope Gave Me The Strength To Be Myself

For the past 7 months I’ve been live streaming my life on Periscope. Every morning I wake people up with my Morning Motivation broadcast and empower viewers to live each day with purpose.


Periscope has helped me grow my business, earn additional revenue, land some incredible speaking gigs, and connect with people all over the world! Aside from all of that (if that wasn’t enough already), what Periscope has done for me in my life is far beyond anything I could have imagined.


The past few months i’ve been struggling with my autoimmune disease. After I returned from the Periscope Summit, I got really sick and my quality of life was at an all-time low. I woke up every morning feeling sick and was in no shape to get on Periscope and motivate people.


I wasn’t sure what to do… cancel my broadcasts until I felt better or share this personal experience with my Periscope community. (Faking it was never an option.)


My inner guide told me it was time for me to share.


I worked up the strength to share it all on Periscope. Now I won’t lie and tell you I wasn’t afraid, because I was. I was scared of what people may think. I was afraid to share with them that the diet I once thought helped heal my body was no longer working and that even though I look like I have it all together, i’m actually in a lot of pain inside.


After I shared everything (and yes I did end up crying in front of hundreds of people), I felt like a huge weight was taken off of me. I no longer had to hide this part of my life from the world anymore.


I thought I wanted to show people that once I overcame my near-death experience and post-traumatic stress disorder that everything in my life came together and was on the rise, but now, almost 3 years later, that’s just not the truth. I still struggle daily, there are constant obstacles i’m faced with, and yeah… my near-death experience did change my life forever.


I knew this truth would help others by showing them that no matter how hard things get, you are strong enough to continue to live your life and accomplish your dreams. So I got super vulnerable on Periscope and shared my journey with all 7,000+ followers of mine.


After the first broadcast my inbox was flooded with messages and letters from my viewers. People from all over the world were reaching out to me sharing their obstacles, health journeys, and stories.


“I found you a couple days ago, during the periscope summit, while following others on periscope and them recommending to follow you for your motivational scopes. Little did I know, you would have almost the same story as I do. I have so many questions for you if you don’t mind. Thank you so much for sharing your story and what you go through. It might sound extreme but you really might be saving my life by opening up and sharing your journey through this.”


“Your positive example and facing challenges is so very inspiring. Life is messy and complicated and just not fair at times. I completely get the fullness of it all. I am praying for you and have faith believing you are healed and your health is being restored. Thank you for all you do to motivate even when it is hard.”
” I just want to thank you for sharing your story. It genuinely means a lot that you remain humble and genuine while still setting a great example to others. I genuinely hope things turn around for you soon.”


“Since I randomly came across you on Periscope about 2 months ago, I have followed you intensely. Before I even learned of your story, I fell in love with your attitude towards life. As soon as I learned of your dis-ease (LOVE your poem in this email and that you shared with us this morning), I found myself thinking about you throughout the day every day! Last week, my heart hurt so much for you as you were working through your challenges. One day I will share my story with you… but I didn’t want until then to show you all of the support, love, hugs, and prayers that you have from me. You are a light in my life that I need every morning to get my day started.


I was overwhelmed by the love and support from my Periscope community. I can’t even begin to express how much it all meant to me. They inspired me to continue to share my journey with the world and stay strong during this difficult time.


Periscope is real and authentic and the only way to positively impact people’s lives is to be completely transparent.


I share this story with all of you because I want to show you the power of vulnerability and transparency. Your life does not have to be perfect to be considered an inspiration. You don’t have to have it “all together” to provide tools and insight that will help others create a life they love.


What you need is the courage to be yourself. Periscope has given me this strength and the platform to inspire thousands of people throughout the world from the comfort of my bedroom. It brought over 7,000 people by my side cheering me on as I struggled with my illness. I am so grateful for Periscope and my beautiful community of followers called the Good Vibe Tribe.


I hope this story inspires you to share more, give more, and tell more on Periscope. You never know, your story may just be the thing someone needs to hear today.



Connect with me on Periscope to be part of the journey!


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