Journal Entry: “Insanity”, March 2012

When we dream what are we really trying to achieve?

If to achieve anything at all.


Dreaming, awake or asleep, can take your mind into lucidity. A state of mind that lifts you into an unrealistic reality. But is the lucid dream really an unrealistic reality or are you too scared to believe it is your future reality?


Fear can override all other feelings, especially the fear of others thinking you are insane.


Insanity is when a person repeats something over and over expecting a different result. So I guess that means we’re all a little bit insane. Dreams repeating in our head for what reason? To escape the reality your physical body sees or hoping there is a new end to your dreams?


For me, well, I know i’m completely and utterly insane. Each time I slip into lucidity I expect a different result; pieces of the puzzle to help me create my path in life. Puzzle pieces to create the reality I want to live in and perceive.


When physically putting together a puzzle, why does everyone start with the straight edges? Is it because our parents taught us to do it that way? Or do we continue that order process because it’s easier?


For me, I like to start with the piece that looks like it won’t fit anywhere, is out of place. When I begin to piece together those pieces, the puzzle only gets easier to complete.


In life nothing will be handed to you. You have to work your ass off to be able to accomplish the reality you want to live in. As you hustle your way up the ladder the climbing becomes a little easier. Your muscles are stretched and your begin to see.


All the greats are and were insane. Think of Leonardo da Vinci, taking the same canvas and paint expecting a different work of art each time. Karl Lagerfeld, using the same tweed and quilted leather expecting to come up with a different black and white Chanel tweet jacket.


So while insanity can describe us all, there are only few who are brave enough to publicly conform to insanity. Those brave few are the movers and shakers of the world.


Are you insane enough to change the world? 



2 thoughts on “Journal Entry: “Insanity”, March 2012

  1. “Insanity” of your journal from what you wrote is a very detailed description about achieving a dream from what I read. thank you for the post. I enjoyed the reading. you are very smart, beautiful and intelligent. keep up the good work.

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