My 10 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Copy

The new year is a wonderful time. There is so much hope and joy in the air. Hope that the coming year will bring more happiness, better health, more riches and an abundance of love.

The new year symbolizes a time to take action in our lives and make positive changes. (You know I LOVE that!) So with each new year I take time to sit down and write out my new year’s resolutions. Now resolutions are different than goals (which i’ve also taken the time to write out). Resolutions are more lifestyle changes.

For example:

Goal: I want to lost 10 pounds by January 31st. 

Resolution: Eat healthier and workout!

See the difference? BOTH are extremely important in order to make real changes in your life. My advice, write out your resolutions and then for each resolution write out some goals to help you stick to that resolution.

For example using the resolution above: Eat healthier and workout!

Goal 1: Sign up for a gym membership on January 1st. (Investing money in a membership will motivate you to use the gym membership!) 

Goal 2: Purchase a plant-based cookbook for beginners today! (Making it easy for yourself will help you stick to the goal. Here is a great cookbook if this is one of your goals!)

Goal 3: Write out a meal plan on Sunday’s for the week so I don’t get off track. Begin this on January 1st. 

Resolutions create lifestyle changes in the new year and goals help you realize them. We can all share similar resolutions but goals should be created individually based on the individual. The reason being is because goals need to be created based on the individuals needs, wants, and lifestyle. You and I may share the same resolution to begin eating healthy but my goal for writing out meal plans has to be on Monday’s vs. Sunday’s because I work Sunday (for example).

Here are 10 of my new year’s resolutions that I think you should totally copy (yes, copy!) I have given a lot of thought to these resolutions and I believe they will help the masses create a more peaceful, happy life. Now remember setting these resolutions is only the first part of the puzzle. The goals for each resolution is what will aid you in creating your dream year.

  1. Feel more joy.
  2. Focus on the good.
  3. Choose love over fear.
  4. Foster relationships.
  5. Read more.
  6. Stress less, live more.
  7. Travel.
  8. Get more sleep.
  9. Write more.
  10. Connect with others offline.


Have any resolutions you’d like to add to the list? Share below! 

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