Originality Vs. Authenticity

My first book of 2016 is Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. As I am turning the pages, deep into the storyline I see big bold words that read:


Whoa. I took a long pause. Then it hit me.

When was the last time you did something original? Think deeply.

Skydiving naked? It’s been done. 

Developing an app that blows out birthday candles for you? It’s been created. 

Writing a book about how to avoid giant ships? It’s been written. 

Very few people will work on original ideas in their lifetime because let’s face it, a whole lot has been created already! Even with this “new” rise of live-streaming apps. Periscope is definitely not the first and it’s most definitely not an original idea. (Join my “unoriginal” Morning Motivation Show on Periscope!)

I hear far too many people say “I have this idea but it’s unoriginal so i’m not going to pursue it.” WHAT? 99.9% of ideas are unoriginal! Think about Uber, Apple, Ellen DeGeneres, or even The Beatles! What if they decided not to pursue their dreams and creative endeavors just because they were afraid their ideas were unoriginal?

Cabs were already created, a computer was already created, a woman-led talk show was already on tv, and boy bands were a thing of the past. These creative beings didn’t allow the mere fact of unoriginality stop them. Why? Because they understood the power of authenticity.

All of those things you want to do, all of those ideas you have, and all of those dreams you dreamt up may already have been created by another individual BUT they have not been created by YOU.

That my friends makes all the difference.

Think of it even in simpler terms. There are thousands of fitness instructors out there all teaching fitness. That doesn’t stop a new person from becoming a fitness trainer. So why is it stopping you?

YOU are the difference. When you pursue a creative endeavor fully, and I mean 100% with all of your heart and soul, the outcome will automatically be original because it was created authentically by you.

So, don’t let some unoriginal idea stop you from creating something magical! The world needs what you have to offer. Write that love story, create that blog, develop the next social network, start your dog walking business, publish your graphic design work.

Originality has nothing to do with it. Authenticity is the key. If you work authentically you may be surprised how one unoriginal idea can turn into a multi-billion dollar game-changer.



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One thought on “Originality Vs. Authenticity

  1. This is a good point, and I think deep down I already KNOW this but it’s good to get a kick in the butt to remind me that I can still pursue my blog even though there are so many similar ones out there already. Thank you 🙂

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