Your Past Does Not Define You

It’s hard to live in the present moment when you are constantly reminded of your past, no matter how many experts and gurus teach you their tools on how to do it. Think about it, every single day we are able to do the things we do because of what we’ve learned and experienced in our past.

For me, I’m always reminded of my past. Every night when I take my daily medicine for my autoimmune disease i’m reminded of my past. So, how do I live in the present and not feel drowned by the negative experiences i’ve been through? Because let’s face it, some days you don’t feel as strong as other days and that reminder can really do some harm on your mental well-being.

Since realizing there is no way I can just forget about my past nor really call it my past since it is still part of who I am, I’ve decided to honor it and change my perspective about it. One way of doing this was by sharing my story with others through public speaking and social media.

When you begin to share your story authentically your perspective on it changes. You no longer view it as something you’re ashamed about or something that held you back or whatever it may be. You begin to realize other people can relate to you and will feel compassion for you. Most importantly, you’ll see how sharing your story makes you feel more freedom and isn’t that what we’re all striving for? Freedom from the chains of the past, freedom to do the things we want to do, freedom to be ourselves?

So, to start off 2017, I leave you with this challenge:


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