Periscope Movement For World Kindness Day Reaches 1 Million People

On Friday, November 13th we celebrated World Kindness Day, a global 24-hour celebration dedicated to paying-it-forward and focusing on the good.


I asked Periscope users from around the world to help me ignite a movement of kindness by performing a random act of kindness live on Periscope and then challenging 3 other Periscope users to perform a random act of kindness.


The result: 1 MILLION people reached! 


It was so incredible how quickly the Periscope community came together to help spread a movement like this one. Thousands of random acts of kindness were performed.


Throughout the day I handed out inspirational cards to people to hopefully put a smile on their face. I made a variety of cards that said different things. One said “Smile. Today is a beautiful day.” and another said “You are amazing!” Everyone that received one had a HUGE smile on their face once they read it. 🙂


In the morning during my Morning Motivation Show on Periscope I saw a homeless man in a wheelchair under a pavilion watching the boats pass by in Fort Lauderdale. I went over to him and handed him the card that read, “I am grateful you are in this world.” I spent some time talking to him, he said I was making him teary from my gesture. We forget sometimes that all it takes to make someone’s day is taking the time to listen. (You can view the replay of the broadcast on Katch.)


Later that day I went to hand out some care packages I made for the homeless. I ran into a store to pick something up before I headed to the pier. Outside the store I saw a homeless woman. I handed her a care package and spent some time talking to her. Her name was Rachel. She told me she wasn’t able to walk in her shoes but she didn’t have enough change to get new ones. I looked down and saw her standing barefoot on a piece of newspaper with her shoes beside her. They were the smallest shoes and her feet were completely blistered and swollen.


I took her inside the store and let her pick out a new pair of comfortable sandals that actually fit her. She was so happy and grateful, it was truly an amazing moment for me. This random act of kindness really opened my heart. I am so grateful I was able to help Rachel. Without knowing, Rachel really helped me as well. She reminded me how important it is to be grateful for the little things in life I probably take for granted, like a pair of shoes. (You can view the replay on Katch.)


Throughout the day I felt inspired and enlightened seeing all of the beautiful random acts of kindness that were performed. @AzaniaNoah made a generous donation to a local performer in Geneva, Switzerland. @CathyHackl picked up a strangers tab at the Atlanta airport. @MeadonManhattan gave a New York City shoe shiner $100 in exchange for nothing. @TheSassySurvivR gave a gift basket to a friend’s mom who is going through cancer. @MitchOates handed out care packages and Coleman sleeping bags to the homeless in Australia. @DrCindyBrown talked about how to be kind to yourself (which is a must in order to be kind to others!). @JennyQ gave a cashier $20 to pay for people’s coffee that come after her. @TinaValant handed out little angels to strangers and sent care packages to Any Soldier.


I can go on and on about all the wonderful random acts of kindness that were performed! The one thing I did witness that day on a number of scopes that kind of upset me was how cautious people were to accept the random act of kindness. When @DawnRanieri handed out yellow roses people continued to not accept the rose asking if she was “looking for a donation or something.” When @LayneToo tried to give a kind card to someone in line at the post office, they shunned her away and made a rude comment.


Watching people’s reactions on Periscope showed me how being kind is actually a very uncommon thing. People don’t know how to respond, they think no one is just being kind for no reason… which is kind of sad in my opinion.


Paying it forward should be something we all take part in! Think about it, if you stepped out of your comfort zone and performed a kind act for someone once per day, and everyone did the same, how different would the world be?


How different would you be?


Being kind to others not only positively impacts that individual, but it also makes a difference in your own life. Everyone I saw who took part in the World Kindness Day movement on Periscope felt good after they performed their random act of kindness. They smiled and felt happy because they made someone else happy!


See how that works? You smile at someone and someone will smile back at you.


Right now the world needs this kindness more than anything. I challenge you to continue performing random acts of kindness whenever you can. We can truly make a difference in the world, one person at a time.


Below is the video I created featuring a few of the random acts of kindness that were caught live on Periscope. I would love to hear your thoughts and any stories you have about receiving or giving a random act of kindness in the comments below!



Special thanks to the Sun-Sentinel and the KVJ show on 97.9 WRMF for featuring the movement in the press and helping me spread kindness globally!


Katch, a service that provides frictionless cloud storage, simple sharing, and permanent links for livestreams, created a custom event page of all #WorldKindnessDay videos! You can watch the replays at the link HERE. (Make sure to have your tissues ready!)

One thought on “Periscope Movement For World Kindness Day Reaches 1 Million People

  1. On World Kindness Day I woke up charged! I only had ideas what I could do. The act of doing them and doing them live (which would be my first Periscope broadcasts) challenged me.

    After I did the first broadcast I was actually then on a hunt for act of kindness opportunities.

    I was in my zone. My real zone. And I thank Alexa Carlin for giving me platform to be free for a day.

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