RESILIENCE- A Motivational Video

Resilience (n): the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Everyone has the ability to be resilient yet so often I see people allowing negativity to control their present and future lives. I see past tragedy, illness, and obstacles getting in the way of people’s future. Why is this? Why is it so hard to bounce back after you’ve been knocked down?

Over and over I have been knocked down. I have gone through illness, loss, broken friendships, heartbreak, tragedy, and failure. Through all of this though, I have learned the power of resiliency.

You can choose to be more resilient today. It’s a choice, a decision that you can make for yourself. Don’t let a negative past cause you to have a negative future. Whatever it was that came into your life that caused you pain, look that pain in the face and say, “You do not define me.”

I wrote a poem/speech inspired by the change I saw in my life once I learned how to be more resilient. I hope it inspires you.


Written Version:

Are you ready to listen?

Because I have something important to say.

You no longer need to fear the unknown. You no longer fear hardships or obstacles. you no longer fear being seen.

This fear will dissipate because you are resilient.

It is through great tragedy that we are given the gift of resiliency.

The ability to have a strong come back without allowing a negative setback to define us.

It is with this strength that you can inspire. It is with this strength that you can walk through life authentically.

Because you see, resiliency is knowing that you, and you alone are responsible for picking yourself back up.

It’s knowing you can.

The scars of past tragedies may live inside of you. But they will not define you.

It is through tough situations that we live with more wisdom and more strength.

Understand that nothing can defeat you without your permission.

People, events, life, may knock you down.

But they cannot keep you down.

You do have the strength,

You do have the power,

You do have the potential to bounce back.

Face the day with these self evident truths because you

Have the power to change the world.



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