How To Overcome Social Media Overwhelm

I continue to hear people say that social media is getting a bit overwhelming, and I can’t help but slightly agree with them. Between the daily new apps we must be present on to the updates we all have to stay aware of to the constant changes and innovation, it can sometimes feel like no amount of time will ever be enough to stay on top of it all.

Ever feel like that?

In the past year, since Periscope launched, I have found myself to be reading every blog or video out there about how to do social media right. There are some days I have set aside just for research. Researching marketing tactics, habits of successful people, stories on how a YouTuber is making $300K a year, and tips on how to be successful on each social media platform.

With this research i’ve learned a ton don’t get me wrong, but i’ve also found myself to become trapped in this “right way” of doing social. What I mean by this is that there really isn’t a “right” way. I believe there may be wrong ways of doing social but there are millions, if not billions of right ways to do social and most of them have NOT been tested out yet.

We are all practitioners of social media, not experts. We are trying and doing and innovating. We are on a scavenger hunt towards the “golden path” and that “golden path” looks different for everyone. You can try and emulate others success but is this really the best way to getting where you want to be?

We are bombarded by articles that read, “Top 5 habits to emulate from successful entrepreneurs” or “Top 10 Ways To Become A Social Media Celebrity”. The titles are so enticing, it’s hard not to look at these articles. While you can learn a lot from studying others success stories, please read these articles with the knowledge that success may look different for you. Maybe you’re not cut out for video, yet you’ve been spending so much time trying to create awesome live streams or YouTube videos because all the “experts” say it’s a must in 2016 in order to be seen on the internet.

If it doesn’t fit within your personality then it is NOT a MUST for you! You see we are all different. We have different talents, we enjoy different things, and we have a different mind so it doesn’t make sense to really emulate others because we are DIFFERENT!

For example, when Vine first came out I started to see some high school friends of mine get really big on the platform. I tried to emulate their success but i’m not talented in producing 6 second videos. But I tried and tried and tried some more. I wasted a lot of time trying to market on this platform but in the end I finally realized this platform is just not for me.

It’s easy to want to listen to someone who has all the answers because we are always searching for answers to all of our problems, especially marketing ones, but I don’t think it’s always the best solution. Yes, do your research and yes continue to follow some awesome content creators in the space of providing value like Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki but please don’t get discouraged thinking you are not doing enough.

Like I mentioned before, everyone’s “golden path” to success looks different. For example, you can produce one video that goes viral and brings you overnight success like Damn Daniel or it can be a long-term game that just works with your personality like YouTube star Tyler Oakley. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!

inspiring quoteSo my advice is just do you.

When you begin to feel overwhelmed, stop looking at what others are doing and take some time to listen to your intuition. In my personal opinion, intuition always trumps advice. [TWEET THIS]

Even think about it this way, the successful people you emulate today had to get where they were by creating a new path for themselves. They didn’t become successful by just emulating others, they forged their own path based on their own talent, skills, hobbies, and intuition.

So keep doing what you’re doing and please try not to get overwhelmed or discouraged with the amount of innovation happening in the social media space. Things will always be changing and moving so stick to your gut and just be you.


One thought on “How To Overcome Social Media Overwhelm

  1. Alexa I totally concur with your message. Like myself “social media” and all it entails is all new to me and it really can come across as ‘total confusion’ so for me if I find something that I feel comfortable and comprehensive I try to zoom in on that. Of course with an open mind that educating oneself has to come from more than one avenue.

    Keep up the good work. Please know that you are a great inspiration to many and although you live with what could be an obstacle you use it as a stepping stone and help others on their difficult journeys.

    Looking forward to our meet via telephone on Wednesday.

    Take good care of yourself as this world still needs all of you.

    God bless.

    Lucy Simpson

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