What Is Hope?

Hope is a word that is almost as abstruse as love.

A four letter singular word that has the power to make us feel like we can keep going. Hope keeps us from giving up. It is like a person in the back of a broken down car who keeps on pushing the car uphill. When we lose hope though, it can shatter us into a million little pieces.

Hope is something extraordinary. It is not something you can hold in your hand but it is something you can give to others.

It is nearly impossible to describe hope because it is unique to each one of us. We can find hope in laughter, in prayer, or in friendship. Or we can be blinded by the hope that surrounds us and feel at a loss.

So what really is hope and when will it find us?

I will be the first to admit that there has been times in my life when I feel hopeless.

Close your eyes for a moment.

What do you see?


That is what it feels like when there is no hope.

You see hope is the light in your darkness. It is the pusher, the motivator, and the very thing that brings us into an existence of love.

I first found hope when I was laying in the intensive care unit in a coma. I saw it. The light, the colors, and the understanding that there is more of my life to be lived.

That hope helped me wake up from that coma. It helped me heal myself when I only had a 1% chance left. It proved the doctors wrong when they told my mom I only had 24 hours to live.

That is hope. The feeling that you can survive. The knowing that this pain, this struggle, this tragedy is only temporary.

You see hope is not temporary. Hope is infinite.

There will always be hope for you to find. Sometimes when we need it the most we ask why hasn’t it shown up for us? We feel like this is the end, that there is nothing left for the world to offer us, and that this pain and misery will always be our reality. But you see, hope doesn’t search for you, you have to find it.

It lives within you. Deep inside. In your soul.

Sometimes, hope can be passed along from soul to soul. Hope gives us the power to save others and help them see the light again in their darkness.

So maybe hope is our actions. Maybe hope is the way we think. Or maybe, it has nothing to do with anything. Maybe hope is just there, like a little glass bottle we can drink whenever we need its special powers.

All I know for sure is that pain may be real, but so is hope.

7 thoughts on “What Is Hope?

  1. Hope has many layers. We can look at it as just a word we hear or use everyday . I hope it rains. I hope I get that job. I call that the top layer. When we dig deep and start looking at hope as something more than a word and start looking at it as something we can see ,feel, even meditate over we realize it can start to take form into whatever we want it to be, and transform our situation and lives not only for ourselves but for others. I call that the second layer. It’s an amazing thing what happens when we can give HOPE energy even power over our all that exists in our being. I believe then it can truly become alive in us and grow as the air we breathe. Just believe and be still. Miracles can happen. That’s what I call the third layer. How many layer’s does your HOPE have? I HOPE I never stop counting. No matter your circumstances or situation hope will and has always been there. Tuck it in your pocket, make it a book mark, paint it with bright colors.Give it a reason to exist in your life. You’re worth it.
    God Bless,
    Carrie J.

  2. I am a believer, that after the darkest hour, morning comes. You are a special somebody, and hope surrounds you Miss Alexa. Hope is enough reason to hold on 🙂

  3. Love reading these I can so relate auto immune I was just in hospital many illnesses countless catscans and specialists now more stress in my life makes you feel so lonely when I close my eyes I see light or color however I’m still struggling hope it gets better for all

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