Why Fear Is Controlling Your Life

At the gym this morning a guy next to me began telling me a story as I was wiping down one of the bike seats before I began using it (you know, for safe precaution of any germs). He shared with me how he got a staph infection from the gym and showed me how he had to get one of his fingers cut off because it got into his nail!

Right away I got freaked out and kind of wanted to leave the gym. I can’t risk getting a staph infection! I can’t risk getting any infection! Once that guy left another guy came up to me and told me not to listen to him (he could see I was really upset about it). He said, “You don’t wipe down the seat every time you get into a cab or sit at a restaurant or even the movies. Wipe down the equipment but don’t be scared. You can’t live your life in fear.”

Hm… he’s totally right I thought. I can get a staph infection from anything!!!

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I’m just kidding… the part I focused on was when he said “you can’t live your life in fear.” I’m not going to not go to the gym in fear of getting some person’s germs on me. I’m not going to stop going out to dinner or to the movies or even using door handles.

We can choose to live this way because it may be “safer” but is it truly living?

When we live in fear, we forget about the present moment because what we fear is usually in the future. We fear we won’t get the job, we fear we will get criticized for the book we publish, we fear we will be made fun of if we start a youtube show, we fear we will fail if we invest our money and time into starting an organic foods company, and so on.

We fear what might happen because we have no proof of the true outcome. When we live our life like this, we are doing a disservice to ourselves and others because that fear will end up holding us back from creating something magical.

We won’t apply for the job, we won’t publish the book, we won’t start the youtube show, and we won’t create the business. We will think about it and some of us may even begin to pursue it but then the voices creep into our heads allowing fear to take over our inspiration.

The guy at the gym who told me I may get a staff infection from the equipment turns into the coworker who tells you that you probably won’t get the job or the family member that tells you that no one will want to read your book or the friend who says people will make fun of your youtube shows, or the person who tells you the fact that 90% of startups fail.

You see… the guy at the gym becomes the dictator of our life. They tell us what we can and cannot do because they instill fear into our hearts which stops us from continuing to pursue our dreams.

I say, it is time to kick fear in the BUTT!

Living a life in fear is no way to live. It really isn’t living actually. It’s merely existing.

So turn that fear into motivation because you no longer work in the future but you live for the present. You understand that what you fear is not fact at all but actually pure fiction. You no longer care about the outcome because the journey of getting there is more fun.

You have learned that being safe is not an option (of course taking precautions like wiping down the equipment at the gym is still a must) but you will not stop what you are doing. You will not stop creating and you will most definitely not stop pursuing your dreams.

Fear is no longer in control of you. You have the reigns, now let’s go.





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One thought on “Why Fear Is Controlling Your Life

  1. Yes!!! You are so inspirational! I just found your periscope yesterday & I’m hooked! I’m newly diagnosed with borderline personality dosorder & I’m trying to learn to stop sabotaging my success in every day tasks, activities & just living. Thank you for your words of inspiration & motivation.

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