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Alexa’s inspiring and authentic speaking style has been captivating audiences across the globe. Through powerful storytelling, actionable lessons, and sharing vulnerably about her experiences, Alexa’s relatability creates a lasting impact on audiences. Alexa challenges listeners to be their authentic selves and pursue their passions while showing them what they can accomplish if they never give up.

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  • Women’s empowerment
  • Authenticity
  • Entrepreneurship



YOU ARE NOT DEFINED BY YOUR PAST: Using Your Obstacles To Achieve Success

Alexa Carlin, college speakerAlexa was a high-achieving college student at The University of Florida, studying business and mass communications. She was an active ambassador for the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and became a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority. Like so many students, she was preparing for life after college, balancing work, studying furiously and enjoying a full social life.

Then, in her senior year, an extreme health scare brought her world to a halt. Her parents were told to prepare for her final arrangements. She was given a single digit chance of survival.

In this inspiring and empowering keynote, Alexa brings audiences on a captivating journey of adversity, resiliency and overcoming the most frightening situation imaginable. Through her story of survival and recovery, she gives students real examples of how they can survive their toughest obstacles. Of course, most students won’t face a sudden life-threatening illness in their leadership positions and in their personal lives, but the lessons Alexa learned will resonate for anyone struggling to find their way through stress, burnout and extreme frustration.

Alexa, now a successful Millennial entrepreneur, shows how the most incredible setbacks can fuel future success. Student audiences will gain tips on how to find and follow their passions, adopt healthy habits and develop their own inner power of positive thinking.

This is a perfect inspiring keynote for leadership conferences, sorority convocations, women’s events, or any general program aiming to inspire students to greater resiliency.

Learning Outcomes: Audience members will be introduced to an inspiring story of adversity and overcoming it successfully; Identify how they can prepare for adversity through the development of healthy habits and positive mindset; Clarify their personal passion through conscious decision making.

Ideal Audiences: Leadership Conferences, First Year Experience, Convocation, Wellness Development, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Women’s Leadership, Mental Health Awareness

Format: Keynote/ Assembly


top female speaker

We live in a world with so many choices.  With so many paths from which to choose, it’s easy to feel defeated, unable to feel good about who you are, where you’re headed and why you matter. The pressure to be perfect is paralyzing for many college students. As they acquire debt and face the pressure of life after graduation, it can be hard to feel confident and to love the person you are – right now.

Alexa Carlin specializes in helping young professionals redefine perfection and create their best possible lives. As the founder of the Women Empower Expo she has helped thousands regain confidence and invest in their own potential.

Her empowering keynote, “Authentic Leadership” will help student leaders embrace their true authenticity, gain confidence in their talents and commit to creating the change they imagine in their communities.  Best of all, Alexa helps them build confidence in who they are and turns off the nagging voices in their heads telling them what they should be. She challenges society’s unrealistic construct of perfection, helping students understand that greatness is within their reach.

Perfect for campus leadership events, all-campus convocations, women’s empowerment seminars, and more – Alexa’s keynote culminates with a memorable call to action that will leave your audience inspired, motivated and ready to put their greatest strengths and potential to work in your campus community.

Learning Outcomes:Audiences will be challenged to: question messages regarding perfection and success; identify how these messages define self-esteem and negatively impact confidence and success; clarify actionable steps to re-frame their goals in terms of empowerment; and develop the capacity to engage in critical conversations about self-image in their communities.

Ideal Audiences:Leadership Conferences, First Year Experience, Convocation, Wellness Development, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Women’s Leadership, Mental Health Awareness

Format: Keynote or Seminar


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“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

Too often we fall into the trap of developing a “not good enough” mindset or anxiety over the pressure to succeed and gain the approval of others.  Instead of achieving our dreams, we settle – for the wrong major, the logical internship, the adequate relationship – and deny our full potential.

Alexa went through this unfulfilling struggle while in college, feeling powerless to change her mindset and reach her best potential.  In this upbeat and engaging keynote, she challenges women and men to confront their fears and dive deep into their personal and professional passions. She offers real actionable steps that helped her gain the confidence to start a successful company, become a leader in her sorority and create significant impact on her campus community. She did it, and she believes your leaders can, too.

Alexa’s keynote is a great choice for leadership events kicking off with a positive, can-do message. She has inspired students to pursue leadership roles on campus, achieve greater academic success, create innovative projects, and graduate with possibilities.

Learning Outcomes: Audiences will identify common reasons students are afraid to pursue their passions; explore how limiting-beliefs influence academic and extra-curricular choices; and become empowered to fulfill their greatest potential on and off campus.

Ideal Audiences: Leadership training/organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Government, First Year Experience, Convocation, Business/ Entrepreneurship Organizations

Format: Keynote


Alexa Rose Carlin

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